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We import sustainable wood furniture and sculpture from the islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia, and Asian garden pots from Vietnam and China.

About Us

All of our teak and mahogany wood furniture are from sustainable sources, and no rainforest degradation occurs in their procurement. Reclaimed teak is that which is salvaged from old buildings – primarily in Java – and much of it is several hundred years old. Plantation grown teak is certified as legal by an Indonesian government agency before it is harvested, and many more teak trees are planted for each one harvested. Teak trees must grow at least 80 years before they can be harvested. Java also has the largest mahogany plantations in the world, and they grow suar and Indian rosewood as well. These last two are species that were introduced to Java by the Dutch during the colonial period.

Our Asian Garden pots are simply the best in the world. It is the firing process that makes them so wonderful. Firing ceramics at temperatures of 2,000 degrees gives it a density that prevents moisture absorption, which is what causes other garden pots to crack and fail during hard freezes. Our pots do not fail, and the extreme temperatures at which they are fired imparts a special beauty to their glaze.

As a direct importer of hand-crafted quality products, we can provide luxury one of a kind products at prices unheard of elsewhere.


Our Client Reviews

Holly Meyer
This store gets new stock regularly. Right now they have some awesome outdoor pieces in - and they're using a more environmentally friendly wood protection on the pieces. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Iris Harrison
I've bought so many outdoor furniture items from Martin at Bali Home Furnishings and they are all wonderful. In fact, I also bought a table, stacking chairs and a bench for my son and his family because we loved ours so much. I have big pots all around the yard, and have bought as gifts for family and friends as well. The furniture is what brought me there. I have an indoor cabinet, and lots of teak outside! Dining table, stacking chairs, end tables, loveseat, and two very comfy chairs and footstools, plus a teak chest of drawers that keeps our various odds and ends at hand for grilling, table settings, or kid fun. High praise for Martin and his crew from all of our family.
Martson Family
Fantastic selection and great prices! We were looking for something for our front porch to fill in a large empty space. We tried looking at other garden places or furniture stores but we either found nothing great or the prices were too high. Bali Home Furnishings has a huge selection of teak, pots and other items that we didn't find anywhere else. Marty, the owner, was super knowledgable and had lots of suggestions for our space. We finally settled on a couple of Adirondack chairs made from reclaimed wine barrels. They are gorgeous with great red color and super comfortable. They have little slots for out glasses of wine TOO! Marty worked with us and gave us a price we were sure was not fair to him. We gladly paid and love our chairs. We were so impressed we went back the next week and bought 8 garden pots from him to fill in the rest of the spaces on our front porch. (See picture). I highly recommend this place, you will find something you will find nowhere else, reasonable prices and a great selection.
Andrew Meininger
Picked up some great looking pots here for an unbelievable price. Im not a furniture expert, but some of the wood looked like it might not be kiln dried and will warp and crack so buyer beware. I personally like the aesthetic of aging green wood and would definitely pick up some pieces here for my patio if I had one. Really fun shop to look around in, lots of great tables, chairs, and decorations.
Barak Tutterrow
Took home a beautiful garden pot from Bali Home Furnishings. The shop has a huge selection of beautiful teak furniture as well. The new owner is a great guy and seems really committed to carrying higher end teak products at a lower price than almost everyone else out there. Recommended!
Robert Feldtz (RF)
Super deals on Pots, and all things Teak. Staff is extremely helpful and courteous. Will defiantly return for future purchases. Their tables are amazing. Super thick lumber and very sturdy construction
Jerry Frentress
Amazing prices for these extraordinary tables and other unique pieces. Who has live edge mahogany and teak tables for under $2000!?! Great quality beautiful pots too...but ill be more excited about those when the rain slows down!
Terry Kingry
This is one of the most awesome furniture places out there! The reclaimed teak furniture that has been made from varieties of places is beautiful and solid. Every piece is unique. There are some tables that are extremely long and intricate and pieces that are perfect for remodeling bathrooms too. The other tropical woods are also fantastic and some have been carved into fun items like dolphin or turtle end tables. The pottery in the back is also unique. Some glazes have been applied at over 2300F to create some rich colors. Great for gardening, landscaping, or even conversion to a fountain! The prices are also very low for the high quality you're getting!