Teak Furniture Care

Silvered Teak Furniture Care

Silvered Teak

Oiled Teak Furniture Care

Oiled Teak

Teak furniture will weather to a handsome silver patina over time. This can take several months or some years, depending on the amount of exposure to ultraviolet rays and rainfall. As it weathers, there will be a slight lifting of the grain and there may even be a few small cracks. These are not a defect, just a natural occurrence due to expansion and contraction of the wood. After weathering it will return to the smooth finish at which it began.

For those who wish to prevent silvering, Bali Home Furnishings offers a number of high quality products specifically designed for teak furniture care. Golden Care ® Teak Protector blocks UV rays and maintains your teak in a rich honey tone. Golden Care ® Teak Shield provides spill protection, and when used in conjunction with Teak Protector offers a superb level of protection. Teak Shield can also be used for protection without Teak Protector: this will allow your teak to silver but still provide protection against spills. Golden Care ® Teak Cleaner is an excellent product that can be used periodically (i.e. annually depending on need) to clean and restore your teak. We also carry Daly’s Seafin ® Teak Oil for those who desire the classic dark look, and Daly’s Seafin Superspar ® Varnish with UVA block for the ultimate in protection.

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Teak is a marvelously resilient wood that will last for decades even without any treatment. You can find much more information about teak’s durability and maintenance on the Internet, but we will leave you with a few final tips:

  • Stains can be removed simply by hand sanding with a very fine sandpaper, if desired.
  • For furniture that will be left outdoors year ‘round, high-quality furniture covers may be useful. However, it is important to permit air to flow freely so as not to create an environment for mold growth – an environmental factor that can grow anywhere given the right conditions.
  • Teak can be cleaned with a nothing more than a water hose and very fine sandpaper. Avoid using pressure washers since the natural oils in teak are key to its long life.
  • If you store your teak during winter weather, a watertight shed or garage is preferred. Avoid putting it in a heated space, as sudden changes in humidity and temperature can cause any wood to develop splits or cracks.

The Luxury of Real Teak

Tectona Grandis, the Teak that comes from Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful and resilient woods in the world. For this reason it is used extensively for applications such as outdoor furniture and sailing ships or yachts. Teak is synonymous with luxury. One sees it almost every day – used in background settings for advertisements, movies, and television programs, not to mention at high-end homes, restaurants, and luxury resorts.

The Sustainability of Teak

Teak is a precious national resource in Indonesia, and along with other select hardwoods provides the raw material for one of their most vital industries: furniture manufacture. Teak’s harvesting is regulated by a government sponsored entity called PT Perhutani. This agency ensures no trees are cut down before their time, and teak’s value and desirability ensure that it is planted as widely as possible. The average tree must grow 80 years before it is economically viable for harvest.

In Conclusion

Thank you for shopping Bali Home Furnishings. We believe teak is superior to all other outdoor furniture, and your purchase of teak furniture at our warehouse will provide you with a lifetime of luxury outdoor furniture. You will also save money because we are a direct importer, with no middlemen between us and the actual artisans who build it.