About Us

Bali Home Furnishings was started in 2000 by Norm Keller, who retired in 2014. Bali Home Furnishings LLC then took over the business and is managed by Martin Mote, who is also the importer. We import sustainable wood furniture and sculpture from the islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia, and Asian garden pots from Vietnam and China.

All of our teak, mahogany, and suar wood furniture are from sustainable sources, and no rainforest degradation occurs in their procurement. Reclaimed teak is that which is salvaged from old buildings – primarily in Java – and much of it is several hundred years old. Plantation grown teak is certified as legal by an Indonesian government agency before it is harvested, and many more teak trees are planted for each one harvested. Teak trees must grow at least 80 years before they can be harvested. Java also has the largest mahogany plantations in the world, and they grow suar and Indian rosewood as well. These last two are species that were introduced to Java by the Dutch during the colonial period.

Neither particle board nor veneer are permitted in our warehouse.

Our Asian garden pots are quite simply the best in the world. It is the firing process that makes them so. Firing ceramics at temperatures of 2,000 degrees and above gives it a density that prevents moisture absorption, which is what causes other garden pots to crack and fail during hard freezes. Our pots do not fail, and the extreme temperatures at which they are fired imparts a special beauty to their glaze.

As a direct importer of only hand-crafted quality products, offered to the public from our warehouse in Tualatin, Oregon, Bali Home Furnishings is able to provide all-natural luxury products at prices unheard of elsewhere.

About Our Customers

Our customers are individuals of discriminating tastes who are also wise with money. They appreciate hand-crafted quality. They tend to be more sophisticated than average, understanding that the minor irregularities that come with handmade furnishings also add character. Many of our customers have artistic abilities. They like the unique décor at Bali Home Furnishings because of its value as a visual focal point in a coordinated design scheme, as well as the pleasure they derive in looking at such marvelous textures and colors. Many of our customers are professional designers, who buy our furnishings and garden pots both for themselves as well as for their clients. We are proud and happy when they also feature our merchandise in their displays at the annual home shows, at which almost all have won awards.


Stacy P.

Looking for planter pots that are beautiful and will last forever but not cost a arm & a leg? You…

Kathi Diddens

Unique furniture makes a statement in your home! Not everyone else in the neighborhood has it. Love this store.

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